Case Study

Pacific Ecom was brought in for EDI support at a shipping terminal in the Southern California area. The company was running a custom EDI package that was running on an IBM mid range system. The EDI software was state of the art when it was written however, it had been modified extensively, the data transformation was done with programs and there was no proactive notification when errors occurred so problems were not identified until the trading partner called asking what happened to their data.

We presented a range of EDI solutions to the client and they opted for Sterling Integrator. We worked with the terminal to rewrite the enterprise level interface, convert their maps to graphically maintained Integrator maps, automated their data flow using the integrator graphical process modeling tool. We also worked with their trading partners to convert their communications from a VAN based solution to direct ftp communications.

When completed, all error notifications sent via email directly to the trading partners support team, the terminal support and the EDI support and they realized savings in excess of $25,000 a month in VAN data charges.