Discover IBM B2b Integrator user exits

Have you ever felt that you needed more flexibility when converting elements in a map than you get with Trading Partner code lists?

A client requested that we convert shipping containers ISO Code to the their internal size / type codes. The client wanted to maintain the conversion table outside of B2b Integrator, so I did some research on user exit programs. When you learn how to create user exit programs, it opens up a new world of capabilities to your maps.

With user exit programs you can exit the map logic and perform any number of functions. User exits are extended rules that enable custom java objects to perform complicated logic such as accessing data in a legacy database. User exits can create objects, access properties or call methods. The map editor does not inspect the java object during compilation and the map cannot catch exceptions, so you need to ensure that you handle all the exceptions.

My initial java object just accessed the client’s database for the data conversion. Once we realized the full capabilities of the user exit programs, we created programs that performed some pretty significant tasks. One such program generated a XML customs hold message on bill of ladings and pushed it to an Active Mq queue for processing by the client’s back end system during translation when processing US Customs 350 data with specific disposition codes from the X4 segment and certain indicator codes from the K1 segment.

I'll go into more detail in my next installment of this blog.
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