About us

Who we are

Roger Allen - Roger has been programming since 1983. He has worked in most industries with a wide variety of software and hardware platforms. He started working with EDI in 1992 and has helped many companies grow their business through EDI by on-boarding new customers and by helping customers rebuild their EDI systems to make them more robust and more proactive. He has experience in all aspects of the development life cycle and enjoys helping customers improve their business process flow.

Wes Batchelor - Wes is a results oriented IT professional with over thirty five years of management, software development and EDI experience. As a certified project manager, he takes pride bringing projects in on time and on budget. His experience as a team leader and effective communicator with strong organizational skills enables him to manage projects from inception through deployment.

Pacific Ecom

Pacific Ecom has been helping businesses with their EDI needs since 1987 Over the past 10 years Pacific Ecom has been supporting the marine terminal industry in California, New York, and New Jersey. During that time they have installed, set up, managed and maintained IBM B2B Integrator, provided EDI integration into the business applications, and performed translations between standards-based and proprietary formats.

Pacific Ecom is one of the few companies to use IBM B2B Integrator to interface with Navis N4, the leading shipping terminal operating software. Additionally, they have extensive experience providing EDI integration in the medical industry.

Our knowledge of application development combined with our EDI experience helps us understand the full dynamics of system integration.