Discover IBM B2b Integrator user exits

Have you ever felt that you needed more flexibility when converting elements in a map than you get with Trading Partner code lists?

A client requested that we convert shipping containers ISO Code to the their internal size / type codes. The client wanted to maintain the conversion table outside of B2b Integrator, so I did some research on user exit programs. When you learn how to create user exit programs, it opens up a new world of capabilities to your maps.

IBM Business Partner

Pacific Ecom, Inc is an IBM B2B Integration partner with experience bringing B2B solutions to a variety of industries including distribution, transportation, manufacturing and medical.

Our relationship with IBM allows us to offer IBM B2B Integrator (formally Sterling Integrator / Gentran) as part of our B2B solutions portfolio.

Case Study

Pacific Ecom was brought in for EDI support at a shipping terminal in the Southern California area. The company was running a custom EDI package that was running on an IBM mid range system. The EDI software was state of the art when it was written however, it had been modified extensively, the data transformation was done with programs and there was no proactive notification when errors occurred so problems were not identified until the trading partner called asking what happened to their data.